Kristal is one of the most distinctive and strongest brands in the Macedonian food industry. The name Kristal is associated with cooking oil and margarine cubes produced by PI “Kristal 1923” AD Veles. It is a brand with a long-standing tradition that guaranties quality products. Kristal products have been present in our grandmothers’ and mothers’ kitchens and are now an essential part of our kitchens. Put simply, everyday use of Kristal products is a habit passed down from generation to generation.

Nowadays, the products of PI “Kristal 1923” AD Veles belong mainly to the Kristal brand. Besides the well-known cooking oil and margarine, the name Kristal was proudly given to soft margarines, several kinds of vinegar, confectionery, spices, soy food products, cocoa, rice, tahini, powdered sugar, and about twenty more other food products.

Although Kristal brand has been set on solid foundations, we are constantly working and investing in its upgrading and development. Kristal involves using high quality raw materials in the production process. Kristal also means strict adherence to international quality standards. Kristal means nurturing tradition. Kristal means availability to consumers. Kristal means quality and modern packaging. In a word, Kristal means trust. That is why, after so many years of its presence on the market we believe that KRISTAL has deservedly become a LOYAL FRIEND IN YOUR KITCHEN.